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Photex Pro : Text on Photos

Developer: AppsTune

Photex Pro is a technically advanced but simple to use and easy to understand designing application.On user demand we have develop this android application to give them full access to design their own posts and to add text on photos/selfie in very short time. If you are not expert in designing and never try a single movement in your life, we offer you the Photex Pro, it’ll make the fun in designing. An extremely user friendly interface and a handy app that is free and easily downloadable, it can be used for top notch designing. Enjoy the latest event Valentines Day ( 14 February) with Photex Pro by designing the cards of the event.Photex Pro covered major fields as;♡ Post for social media♡ Advertisement♡ Photo editing♡ DesigningPhotex Pro Features:Photex is combination of Photo and Text (Photo+Text = Photex), so both have different features.Text Features★ 300+ fonts(Urdu fonts, English fonts, Hindi fonts, Arabic fonts, Pashto fonts, Sindhi fonts and many stylish fonts.)★ Variety of color for text♡ Gradient Different Style- Radial Gradient- Horizontal Gradient- Vertical Gradient ♡ Color pellets and patterns- Text word by word color changeable♡ Apply textures on Text★ Keyboard with Multilanguage's (Urdu keyboard, English keyboard, Pashto keyboard, Sindhi Keyboard, Persian/Farsi keyboard, French keyboard and Default keyboard.)★ 3D Text rotation (Rotate along X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis)★ Rotate text over 360 degree.★ Text auto wrapping.★ Align the text to left, to right and in center to the screen.★ Multi-text and lines for Urdu, English,Arabic, Hindi, Pashto, Persian/Farsi, French and all languages★ Text Shade in different style and ★ Text background color selection★ Text Stroke with different color, size and opacity ★ Flexible text placement
Stickers and Photos:★ 1000+ Stickers, built-in and online (free downloadable)★ Apply 3D rotation to the stickers and your pictures★ Flip or mirror your pictures or stickers★ Resize your pictures and stickers without any ratio.★ Rotate stickers and images over 360 degree.★ Move stickers to back or move to front★ No limit of stickers and gallery images★ Variety of pretty backgrounds★ 70+ Cropping shapes for image★ Big Collection of Templates★ Add multiple images from gallery★ Preference changeable from multi-text or objects i.e. select image or font to show on front★ Designed post saved in gallery as " Photex" folder★ Upload your posts on Photex Store
Now you can design on Photex Pro:Now you can design on Photex Pro:1- Create best Quranic verses posts for Islamic Events2- Make Decent Ahadith posts for Muslims3- Craft Poetry posts and Share with friends.4- Best Love letters writing Option for Lovers.5- Create best Invitation cards for birthdays, marriages, events and all important occasions.6- Make Quotes of the day and share on social media.7- Create stunning Valentine’s Day wallpapers with images and send to your friends.8- Make Funny posts for Facebook and share with friends and colleagues. 9- Create Eid greeting cards for wishing Eid Mubarak to Muslim brothers.10- Stylish Signature maker to create signatures on photos.11- Create your own live Wallpapers free.12- Ads campaign and advertisement13- Free Valentine’s day card maker
Photex pro is a multi-lingual Photo Editor along with Post Maker.